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Royals 2011 Baseball Season

By Royals Tickets Staff Writer B. Hanlon

Joakim Soria

Kansas City Royals 2011 Season

Kansas City Royals fans should be excited for the 2011 season. They have added some valuable players to the team for the upcoming season. The Royals signed Jeff Francoeur and Melky Cabrera earlier in the off season. These are two low-risk, high reward type players that could really blossom with the Kansas City Royals. The Kansas City Royals also added the Milwaukee Brewers top prospect in Alcides Escobar, a speedy shortstop that could be a 5-tool player.

Kansas City Royals Prospects

The Kansas City Royals unloaded heavy contracts in the 2010 season to gear up for some spending in the future. The contracts they let go will help the team immensely in the longterm and hopefully as early as this season. Billy Butler at first base and Joakim Soria at closer should be All-Stars. The top prospects in the system may make their long awaited debut as well. There is certainly plenty to look forward to.  The Kansas City Royals farm system was named #1 by ESPN, the best in all of baseball.  These top prospects are expected to start filtering in and have the ability to bring the franchise back on top.  Check out the Kansas City Royals 2011 Schedule and purchase your Kansas City Royals tickets today!